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Footpaths Portofino

    Difficulty: medium- Km - 4h 30’
    It is a wonderful track along the suggestive sea versants of the point. It has some little difficulties only in the part between Cala dell’Oro and the Batterie.
    From Santa Margherita take the bus or the ferry to Portofino.
    Trail mark: two red full circles.
    From Portofino take the pedestrian road going uphill north-westwards among woods and fields until Case del Prato (about 240 metres above sea level). Walking the path cross the small river Raffinale and reach the base “O” (above 207 metres above sea level). From base “O” begin to go down towards san Fruttuoso and its splendid abbey (about 1h 30’ from Portofino).
    After crossing the town, take the path to the right going uphill north-westwards until 275 metres above sea level and then going down towards Cala dell’Oro (75 metres above sea level). The path goes down uphill, crossing some almost difficult parts (wire ropes) until it reaches Le Batterie (230 metres above sea level), ancient military batteries. The paths becomes a mule track and reaches san Rocco (221 metres above sea level); from san Rocco, walking along a paved street you arrive in Camogli (2h 45’ fro San Fruttuoso).

    Difficulty: low- 3h 30’/ 4h
    The track is developed along pedestrian streets and very well marked footpaths and offers wonderful panoramas.
    From Camogli railway station follow the street downhill to the left until you reach the torrent Gentile. Walk the path (trail mark: two full red circles) bordering the torrent on the left and go up until san Rocco through steps and short flat parts.
    Continue along the mule track and after 1 Km you come to a junction: turn left taking a path (trail mark: two red empty triangles) leading to a pinewood. Then reach Sella Toca (450 metres above sea level), located between Semaforo Nuovo and Monte Tocco. After 500 metres along a flat footpath always following the two red empty triangles, turn right towards Semaforo Nuovo, highest point of Portofino mountain (610 metres above sea level).
    From that point begins to go down until you meet a flat path and turn left until Pietre Strette gate (425 metres above sea level). Follow the pedestrian road to Portofino (Trail mark: one full red square) until the locality of Olmi (297 metres above sea level), then take the path to the left marked by a red cross. You will meet the small chapel of Gave and the Madonna di Nozarego Sanctuary. After reaching the paved road go right until Madonne della Neve and then go down towards Santa Margherita.

    Difficulty: high- 3h 30’/ 4h
    The path is quite difficult: you cross dark tunnels and hard parts you hace to take care. It is useful to bring an electric torch.
    The departure is located in San Rocco di Camogli you can reach by car or on foot:
    > by car: from the exit of Recco or Rapallo follow the Aurelia road
    > on foot: from Camogli railway station, follow the road downhill to the left, until reaching the river Gentile. Walk along the path (trail mark: two red full circles) bordering the river on the left and then go up until san Rocco through steps and short flat parts.
    From san Rocco walk along the mule track leading to Le Batterie (trail mark: two red full circles), old military batteries and follow a path going uphill until reaching the waterworks pipe. Following it you will cross dark tunnels and some difficult parts where you have to care.
    Continue until you reach the mule track connecting san Fruttuoso to Pietre Strette gate (452 metres above sea level) (trail mark: one red empty circle), after that take the road leading to Portofino Vetta. Before arriving there nearby Gaixella col (480 metres above sea level) you will meet a path going downhill towards san Rocco (trail mark: red empty circle).