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    Your holidays in Riomaggiore

Where we are: apartment La Conchiglia Riomaggiore Cinque Terre, Italy

How to reach La Conchiglia

  • By car:
    From the car park overhanging the town there are two possibilities, since the centre of the town is forbidden to cars, motorcycles and scooters.
    The first possibility is walking down for about 200 metres along the main road until you reach Via di Loca on the left side after a souvenir shop.
    The walk from the car park to the apartment will take you about 5 minutes.
    The second possibility is waiting in the car park or calling by phone (+39 0187-921016 or +39 348-3162474 or +39 349-1848405) a minivan of the National Park of Cinque Terre which will transfer you and your luggage at very low prices until Via di Loca with a stop in a small panoramic square equipped with a children playground (last lap reachable by car).
  • By train:
    Outside Riomaggiore railway station there is a square with a fountain overhanged by a wall-fresco representing the hard work of local inhabitants to work this land. Also here there are two possibilities to reach the apartments: on foot or with the means of the National Park you have to call following the already mentioned instructions.
    On foot it will take you five minutes: cross the small tunnel on the right leading to the centre of the town. On the other side of the tunnel take the road uphill (GPS N 44°05.969’ E 009°44.304’) and after 200 metres walking at the junction turn right to via di Loca.
  • Via di Loca
    To reach the apartment “La Conchiglia” you have to go along the whole Via di Loca, from its beginning (GPS N 44°06.014’ E 009°44.424’) nearby a small souvenir shop, with a banister in the right and a public telephone on the left to reach, after about 200 metres walking, a panoramic small square with a small children playground (GPS N 44°05.920’ E 009°44.331’). Along Via Di Loca you’ll find on the right some stairs (GPS N 44°05.947’ E 009°44.355’) to take for the centre of the town. At the playground the path n.1/1 leading to Campiglia and Portovenere begins on the left. Walking straight walk along a private street, go down along a staircase (GPS N 44°05.901’ E 009°44.334’) and reach the doorway number 269A. The apartment is situated at the second floor.
  • For the ones arriving on foot
    Coming from Portovenere through the footpath n. 1/1 you will arrive nearby the apartment.
    Coming from Manarola through the Via dell’Amore (Lover’s street) you will arrive in the square with the fountain behind the railway station and from here you can walk the already mentioned track.